Corporate Responsibility


At Link Healthcare we endevour to conduct our business according to the highest standards of honesty, integrity and respect.

Our governance principles embrace:
1. care of all stakeholders
2. ethical functioning
3. respect for workers’ rights and welfare
4. respect for human rights
5. respect for environment
6. activities of social and inclusive development

The company takes its obligations to comply with all levels of governing laws and regulations in the regions in which we operate.

We are committed to earning the respect and trust of all of our customers be they health professionals or patients. We are dedicated to contributing to the enhancement of both clinical practice and the health of patients who depend on our products. We reward excellence in our business and we provide the support to our staff which empowers them to attach the best possible service to our product mix. Our belief is that a responsible culture produces a business that is proud to take it’s place in the territories we operate.

At Link Healthcare we strive to make a positive impact on society through the way we conduct our business.

Link Healthcare supports local communities through volunteerism and philanthropic activities.

We act to minimize the environmental impact of our activities.

At Link Healthcare we are constantly improving, developing and embedding our corporate governance policies and practices throughout our business, promoting oversight and accountability in a variety of areas that include financial reporting, corporate strategy, and risk management. Our business and management systems are regularly reviewed and updated in line with the growth of the business. Our Board and our Management team have appropriate skills and experience and each member has well defined roles and responsibilities.