With a footprint covering the entire Asia-Australia-Pacific-African region, with corporate headquarters based in Singapore and fully functional operations in Australia, New Zealand, South Africa, Japan and Hong Kong, Link Healthcare offers a unique partnering opportunity.

LINK provides a valuable and unique resource which is crucial for the success of both our own, and our partner’s products in our region.
Your needs might be simple pharmaceutical product distribution or you may require a more sophisticated sales implementation plan. Either way, brand management within our existing team guarantees that products reach their full potential.
If you are looking for a unique solution in our region that includes a business presence, then we have the experience in establishing and managing a dedicated team (in your company name if required) using our existing infrastructure. This has the flexibility to provide you a local presence but without committing to the cost and risk.
Whatever your requirements you can take advantage of a successful and flexible pharmaceutical sales and marketing infrastructure when partnering with LINK.

While seeking the development and acquisition of our own products, we are also committed to building lasting ongoing relationships with partner companies around the world. Our substantial infrastructure and breadth of experience allows partner products to become firmly embedded within our existing range as well as in the markets in which we operate. Our partners are a wide variety of pharmaceutical businesses which are interested in streamlining their distribution and marketing, or expanding their business with a single organisation covering our entire region of Australia, New Zealand, South Africa or South East Asia.

LINK is constantly seeking opportunities for the acquisition of specialist pharmaceuticals or medical devices.
If divestment is part of your overall marketing strategy, our Business Development team is ready to discuss leveraging products that are not currently reaching their full potential.
We have a great track record of acquiring or fostering important pharmaceutical products from major multinational companies. We specialize in keeping clinically essential products on the market, especially if they have technical or compliance issues. LINK’s Regulatory team has extensive experience with the regulatory agencies of the region. We also work closely with local stakeholders to ensure the secure supply of important medicine.


  • Our company is built on long term commercially successful partnerships. Together we provide Medicine that Matters.
    John Bacon | Chairman
  • We have a proven track record in providing the strategy and resources to drive the success of our shared brands across our region.
    Johann Willemse | Group CEO